Untangle complex Gmail threads
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Untangle messy email threads.

Manage a long email thread by converting it into a spreadsheetwith each correspondent in a row. As you read emails, organizetheir responses and take notes about each correspondent,automatically saved in your spreadsheet.

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Applying for jobs.

Send your customized resumes and messages to different hiring managers at scale.Clear conversational states help you avoid missing a follow-up and scheduleinterviews at ease. Run a large marketing campaign for yourself in job hunting!

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Networking with assistance.

Follow up with people you met at an event and maintain professional relationshipsby sending personalized emails at once through one template.Share this specific thread with your assistant to correspondwith them as if it’s from you without privacy compromise.

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Event coordination

Mail merge personalized invitations by email to a large audience. Filter and replyusing templates to sub groups of similar respondents at scale based on the associatedspreadsheet data on their responses.